Power-line communications Module & Modem

DSP-based modem exhibits unprecedented levels of programmability, flexibility and performance. Offering full control of the occupied frequency band while adapting to powerline conditions, the AN MWB Series is equipped to reliably enable a multipoint network with more nodes, higher speeds and longer distances. Simultaneous communications under crosstalk can be achieved at operating distances up to 200 km. Remote system diagnostics and upgrades can be conducted over Ethernet, serial interfaces and the powerline. We are able to provide communication over powerlines through a diversity of form factors and offerings including modules, standalone modems, integrated circuits (ICs), intellectual property (IP) and associated software. Our products are known for extreme reliability and robust performance — along with standards acceptance and compliance with international power emissions regulations.

Telemetry Transmitters and Receivers

The Ultra series of synthesized telemetry, digital and video transmitters are continuous wave (CW) FM transmitters at S-band and L-band, used primarily to relay telemetry data to a receiving ground station. The units are compact and desirable for those applications where DC power, size and weight are at a premium. These transmitters use the latest in modern semiconductor devices and circuitry. External frequency programming allows the selection of all standard IIG frequencies in the 2.2 to 2.3 GHz band. They are all solid-state to provide a reliable product with extremely long operating life.